Mail Shop

Mail Inserting

8 Inserting Stations for nearly any size or amount of inserts, Multiple Page Folding and nesting, 3-Way Matching. Our inserters will insert specified material based on a 2D barcode printed on each piece.

Discount Postage

Our high tech equipment and knowledgeable staff will help you receive postage discounts with each mailing. Standard Class, Non-Profit, or First Class – we can help you decide which option is best for you and your project.

Mail Presorting

Our workshare program with the United States Postal Service and the guidlines they have created allow us to presort your mail by zip code for reduced postage rates. With the use of Intelligent Mail Barcodes, ABS preparation and delivery to the Post Office, your mail is delivered to its intended recipient faster than a stamped piece of mail.

Mail Pickup

For customers with high daily volumes, pick-up and delivery is free.  We'll pick up your out going mail; transport it to our facility to be presorted, labeled, and apply postage.  We'll then transport it directly to the USPS distribution center.